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Need suggestions to improve gig impression

Hello Fiverr family!

hope you all are doing well.

I need help from you people. I have created my account a few months ago, at that time I was little aware of the Fiverr platform but I continually worked on Fiverr methodology, use the Fiverr forum, youtube, and get advice from experienced people.
a few days ago, I started to work on my gigs. research on high volume, low competitive keywords, work on gig image, improve packages, and get my gig on the top page but problem is that I have lost all gig impressions.

After working hard on my gigs, I got poor results which gives me so much stress. Kindly check my gig and help me.


please share your gig in social media platform


make sure to share your gig on social media, for favs, to increase its visibility

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Search good keyword and put on your gigs and optimize. So can get good impression.

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