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Need Suggestions to improve my profile

I am Quality assurance Engineer with automation and manual experience. I have completed 2 orders, since then unable to win the bid. Can you please review my profile and give me feedback to improve the GIGs?

There’s no need to post a picture of your ratings, as any buyer will look at them prior to deciding to work with you. When they click on the gig initially, they see that you’ve got a 5 star rating with two ratings already. Perhaps you could instead create a video that explains your services to go in that spot. Gigs that have videos greatly increase your chance of getting people to book with you. At very least perhaps you could just have a your picture there that and maybe add your logo to it, or a phrase or a few keywords that welcome prospective buyers. Your picture, and/or a video are going to remind visitors to your gig that you’re a real person and create a bit of a personal connection. I’d start there and see what happens. Good luck!

Hey! Thanks. I’ll surely follow your suggestions. I’m hoping to get more work in future.

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This is luck ( rank a gig ).
But you should trying this. Try to share your gig in your social channel and try to make your gig services useful for client and try to active in online and fiverr forum too.
Alhamdullillah You will get success very soon.
Have a good day
Thank you

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile: