Need suggestions!


Recently I have completed 5 orders but i can’t see beta option. what should I do right now?


What beta option do you mean?


He mean to say “Available Now” option (if i am not wrong) because that the only thing have a condition to complete 5 orders.


A lot of people don’t have that option. I don’t have it either.


I have this option but I hope it’s not a web browser problem :smile:


This applies to new users


Beta option?? What are you mean??


The Community forum search feature is a GREAT tool. Just sayin’


i meant AVAILABLE NOW option




yes bro… u got me. what is the solution?


If Fiverr decides to give you the ‘available now’ option then it will appear - there’s nothing you can do to help it, no ‘solution’. :wink:


man, i have fulfilled their terms and conditions , so why don’t they give me that option? :frowning:


Woofy explains it here:


Read the above post, shared by @vickiespencer


I did bro. Its totally up to FIVERR !


Woww sounds good congrats!:slight_smile:


thaks bro but still i don’t get available now option -_-


very informative :+1:thanks


“Available Now” option is in Testing and available in just Beta,