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Need Tips about Buyer request

What should i do if i get a buyer request? Actually i am new in this fiverr,so I dont know much about buyer request.If anyone can tell me about this…Whice type of buyer request i send and what should i say?


Treat it like an application. You are essentially applying for a job.

(The help center has a lot of useful information.)


If you are going to send a buyer request, keep following things in mind:

  • Understanding the request and try to write it in your response

  • Put your strategy how would you do it for the buyer

  • Make sure to mention some of questions even if you understood everything, don’t just say that you got it and you can do it

  • Mention some of similar examples or at least a few links from your past work. Don’t use portfolio links from someone else.

  • Make sure to use a polite language and try to greet at the start and end. Mention your name at the end of request.

  • Don’t just send a generic message to everyone

  • If you still have got a question, please mention me below and I will try to respond.


Thank you so much for your suggetions

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Welcome…Hope this will help you. :blush:

Red the buyer requirement properly and ans the all things you can do perfectly and honestly.

First Read Buyer Requirement Carefully Than If You Think You Are Perfect For This Job Then Send him Buyer Request


I was looking for the same.Thanks for sharing the link :grinning: :smiley:


Could you please tell me about how to greet or write hi, hello in the beginning?

Hi, how can I create a portfolio for my gigs?