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Need tips for designer's gig

i need tips to get more orders

You got a “not-great” feedback. And that is what I would be focusing on. Your warning, actually makes it harder to be very clear on what you are offering. You know it, I probably do, but your potential client needs to know/feel it 110%. Maybe show the banner you made then an inset of it on-screen/in-use.

Otherwise there are a few things that are unsettling
a) you call yourself “us”. Would I be dealing with YOU or a factory of randoms? I’d prefer to be working with YOU so use “I” language and give us a nice photo as people like to buy from people.
b) you put your job as Architect yet are dabbling making graphic arts stuff. Now I get the relationship but it seems a disconnect to me. Say your qualifications when it is in-domain but bypass when you are out of it. Your product should speak for itself.

If the job is outside of the Gig specs, can you make a completely Custom Gig that isn’t that job? Also be sure you understand, and the customer understands, what they are getting - easier said than done I will admit as some people read nothing :sigh:

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