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Need tips for getting offers

can anyone suggest me the perfect way of biding buyer request


There is no “perfect way”. Nor is there any guarantee that what you choose to do will result in a sale. If you want to earn a sale from a Buyer Request, you’re going to have to write a response that appeals to the buyer. Provide him/her an offer that they cannot refuse.

There is no easy way to earn sales from Buyer Requests.


Your quick response also matter in addition to what regular said also your gig go a longer way for you in getting order.
But don’t just be too anxious, the time is now


Yep, the perfect way is to use caps, small letters, and right punctuation, make your English as clear as possible. Also, your offer should be clear, so your buyer can know what to expect. If you have trouble doing that, use an app called Grammarly.

Definitely, you should not spam and annoy buyers nor other fellow sellers.