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Need tips how to get more orders

1. Before a month ago my gig was in ranked. Completed few orders after a bad experience with a buyer he gave me 4 ratings and my gig lost rank. After then completing a few more orders my gig starts ranking and then because of a reason I was unable to submit an order on time, my gig fall down. But the buyer gave a 5 rating.

Still, my gig down, and I’ve completed more orders but my gig is not ranking. That’s why I edited my gig description a little bit when running the order. But not worked.

I don’t know what to do now. Is there any way to rank this gig again or any suggestion?

2. I have completed all of the requirements being level 1 like 15 days ago. Still, I have orders completed orders but I am not getting the level 1 badge.

I need suggestions, please.


Perhaps in such peculiar cases it’s best to raise your concern with a support to see if they will be able to clarify a situation for you :slight_smile:


Do you mean talk to the support?

it is a sad story. :cold_sweat:

Yeah, too bad story. :sleepy:

Really sad :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

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:sleepy: :mask: Yeah

The only answer is: Keep doing good work and the numbers will even out over time (60 days to be exact). Work out why things went wrong and make plans so those things cannot go wrong again.

I am amazed at the number of people who disappear for a week and say, “Oh I was unwell”. Maybe they were but you know what, in this day and age with the internet not only on computers but phones, you need to be lost in the Congo before you can say that there was no opportunity to let people know and ask for an extension. Not being prepared for normal life events - like thinking to say to your wife, sister, priest, “Can you grab my phone or laptop so I can dictate a few responses so my life doesn’t fall apart?”



I was in somewhere, that area doesn’t have network.

Your business entirely; but really, something so dramatic happened that you were totally unable to think about how to keep your business on-track and now you are complaining you didn’t get what you are owed?

Some chipmunks came and kidnapped you while you were sleeping and their plane quite unexpectedly crashed in the Congo leaving you stranded until the Seven Dwarves happened by with a Radio Flyer to haul you out to the local McDonalds?

I really do not want to seem up in your life but I hear too many sob stories that really do not seem likely. You messed up and you have to work your way out. I truly hope you learn from this so it doesn’t happen again to you or your customers.


p.s. Fiverr is run by a Computer so L1 happens when all the boxes are ticked not when God or you wills it


Buyer requested time extend to work more many times(…).

I think there’s happens something in everyone’s life in that situation we can’t do anything on that situation. Whatever, but we should encourage and help everyone if we can.

Thanks for you valuable comment.

To bad story :confused: really sad :disappointed_relieved:

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As another said, Fiverr and its “system” are not based on emotion - they are based on facts. If your orders with this person, no matter how annoying were not 5 stars or above average, your Gig will suffer.

Fiverr’s “system” does not care that you were unable to deliver an order on time. One of the metrics is delivering on time or before the time runs out. Said system has no idea of your “personal” issues, and as cold as it may seem, doesn’t care.

This may have also contributed - maybe, as editing your Gig may cause the “system” to relearn where it wants to put your Gig.

You would need all the areas in Green to level up, and, obviously, if you say you had all the requirements done, you are mistaken, since the last levels assessment was less than 15 days ago. I think you may have missed something on your dashboard as far as everything being in Green.

Either way, if you did not get Level 1 15 days ago, you have to wait until around April 15 to see if you get it this time. It is at the same time every month - the 15th. So, if you missed out on it the month before, you have to wait another month. Your account does not become Level 1 on the day you complete all the metrics. It would only be on the day the “system” takes into account Gigs qualified to be promoted, which is on or around the 15th. (It can be the 14th or 16th for some due to different time zones and countries)

Another thing to take into account, is that the reason you may not be seeing the same push or as you call it “ranking” is with the things you mentioned above - a lower than 5 rating on 4 orders and being late on 1 - makes your Gigs look as though you are not performing as well as you could be. And, it is likely, against your competitors, your Gig is not performing as well as theirs is. Lots of reasons to take into account, but, the 2 things you mention above certainly have a part in why your Gig may not be doing as well as you think it should be.



Thanks, I know personal is personal. I learned something from that. I’ll try my best to not happen that again.

I have everything green on my dashboard. Thanks for your valuable advice :blush:.

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If everything is Green on the 15th of April, then you should be able to see Level 1.





I think this is because of evaluation period.


Very Sad Story dear :cold_sweat: