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Need Tips On My Profile and Sales?

Need tips on my fiverr profile and gig’s also need tips on how to get sales from the buyer request since I use all my 10 offer’s each day and don’t get any reply also one of my gigs has lots of clicks and impression but people don’t seem to be buying them not sure why. Down below there should be a link to my profile could you please help me out by giving me tips on my gigs and fiverr profile.



Depends on your niche. Fiverr is really saturated with sellers covering most of the popular niches. You should probably figure out something you are really good at and create couple gigs based on it then figure out unique ways to market them.

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Don’t copy paste the contact address the all needs of buyer in your buyer request

  • Make unique Gigs
  • Add your own descriptions and don’t copy paste the content
  • Add relevant Tags to your Gig
  • Stay online
  • Add a high-quality video in your Gig and explain your service in your video
  • Share your Gigs on social media and target your audience on facebook, twitter, and Linkedin
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Thanks everyone for the reply. What do you mean by “Don’t copy paste the contact address the all needs of buyer in your buyer request”

hi, i also thanks for this suggestion

what is the method of sharing of gig

so many impression but still not one single order can someone help me out??

I wouldn’t say that’s a lot of impressions, but impressions don’t actually matter that much anyways.

Your grammar in your article-writing gig is a little shaky. I’d advise you to proofread that, or maybe consider not offering a writing gig.

i also have same problem .

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