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Need tips or suggestion

Hello, i am raqebul hassan.

i want share my October monthly experience. beginning of this month i share my gig to some FB group for marketing then i got one Malaysian client, who placed very small amount 3 orders.after successfully done these order.i got some more orders and continuously rise up my gig rank and my gig go up in top rank page in 18th October. this time i have 4 active order with same rank gigs. but in 22th October again my top rank gig continuously falling down from rank page. today i not find my gig anywhere and no client message. i have 2 active order now for same gig which are falling down. any body have any idea why this happening?

P.S: i done total 9 order by my gig which one falling down now…all feedback are 5 star.


This is nice but the problem is that you never continue to promote your gig to Facebook.
I’d advice you to continue to promote your gig to those facebook groups. Don’t stop because you get a Norse continue to. Promote it.

And could you please share me the link to those groups too?


That is not marketing, that’s called spamming.


you have to find out who is your potential customer, then reach to them, hope it will work @raqebulhassan


It’s marketing. If a page group allows the use of advertising relevant products and so fourth, it’s contains no negative connotation in any shape or form, you have a very bad pretensive judgement. If they don’t allow it, sure feel free to probably be banned. Respect the grind. Facebook ruined this regardless I believe. From what I saw they made an update where only pinned comments would be seen generally speaking.

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Even if page allows advertising it’s still not marketing and has nothing to do with marketing.
It’s pure nonsense and totally useless activity to post it in the group where only the same people come for advertisement, no actual buyers will join this kind of groups.

Nothing pretensive about telling the truth. Msg should be called with their real names. It’s spamming. Even if it’s allowed spamming and has nothing to do with real marketing.

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