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Need tips/suggestions for a NOOB - NEWBIE

Hello, after 30days I’ve becom a fiverr Level one

and I thanks the buyers that allowed me to grow with their orders and requests,

Now I’ve unlock the extra gigs and I’m not sure how to act,

So I’m asking to someone, older members, if they would give some tips or suggestions about fiverr.

Something that you feel in right to “teach” to us, newbies!

Just Thanks


Just stay true to your clients. Respect deadlines and don’t shy away from reviews. If they want something changed be happy to so even after the order is marked complete. It is all about maintaining a good relationship with your clients.

As far as the gig extras are concerned keep the reasonable and offer something which your clients are actually looking for. Like if you write articles you can add a gig extra offering adding specific keywords, or write more words that your gig originally offered.

Reply to @dayyanbajwa: Thank you!

Actually i never ever image to be unpolite or something, I got a huge respect of the buyer and of the work required

Thanks again for your reply!

Right, but I was looking for a personal suggestion, like something from your heart !

Thanks however!