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Need tips to get first gig sold! 3D Architecture Renders

Hello everyone:)
Our team has spent alot of time perfecting this gig, please check it out and give us some feedback what we can change to get our first gig landed!


Nice gig.
Social media promotion helps a lot.
You may want to try it.

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I like your gig but I honestly think the price is far too low. To a point where it stands out for being too low.

I would expect that people wanting renderings of buildings have a fairly large spending budget and actually put value in your service by it lining up to their pricing expectations.

Don’t think about the price in your own bubble, I.E if I make this $60 and I have 5 orders a day. Well that enough for me to live on. Rather think about the actual value that your service brings. Only think about this and remove all other thoughts.

On the social media tip. You can promote your gig by adding before the URL

This will instantly share it to Facebook with a full sized picture. The problem with share buttons is they usually share the wrong context or don’t provide an adequate thumbnail.


Thanks a ton for the constructive feedback !

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