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Need tips to get my first order

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all doing good.
I am new here to Fiverr and have been waiting for an order for over one month. But I can’t get the order in any way. A few days ago, when someone came and sent me a message, I was too late to reply, which reduced my response time. On the other hand, my gig’s impression is decreasing day by day.
What should I do now, how can I get my first order?
Expect some tips from experts.


Niiice - expecting tipps from experts.

Very good.


Please help me get the order. :pray:

Be patient bro. Welcome to Fiverr Community

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Thanks, please pray for me :+1:

1.create 7 gig different catagori as your experience
2.Active maximum time
3.Send buyer request every day


Thanks for your advice. :heart_eyes:

To be a good seller and get order you should care for fast response of buyer message.
continue conversations try to convinced him to buy your gig .
You have to active on fiverr as soon as possible. share your gig to the social media sites for bringing buyer attention at your gig.


thanks for your advice. I will try much more time active my Fiverr profile.

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I checked your profile !

11h response time ? you are leaving money on table buddy.

You need to work more about your profile look, your gig thumbs aren’t exceptional, you need to make some thumbs and designs that stand out ! there is plenty gigs like yours, and tomorrow will be more. Message me or put custom order on my profile telling me that it’s you and we will work on making some designs that hopefully will help you to gain more views on your gigs !

Try to work more on your profile, and most of all don’t waste any chance on the buyers requests !

Good luck mate


Thank you so much. Will there be any problem if I change my thumbs?

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Actually you need more than that, “Will there be any problem if I change my thumbs?” means you didn’t take time to learn more about Fiver, take the free course 'you can check it on my profile" for full name.

For your question, it totally the opposite, it is recomanded to make changes to your gigs

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I understand. Thanks

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This could as well apply to me friends. I also need some help on improving my gigs and possibly getting my first order. Kindly any assistance? Thanks a lot!

You should work on your gig seo, title, description, tags etc. for better impression, click and order. Try to research on these things and find the best tags and keywords for your gig. Hope this will help. Best of luck!