Need tipt regarding my gigs


Hi I’m Daniel Rika, and I have a lot of gigs here, most of them useless !

I really need some tips on wich of them to get rid off !

I you would just comment some tips I would really apprecate this !


@danielrika having gigs not giving your revenue is normal. happened to me at first . try to change your gig titles and descriptions, if that does not work create new ones. keep doing testing. Soon you will figure out which works best for you.


Kepp making new and more innovative gigs and try to focus on promotion of your gigs .


Reply to @sunshy1: How can I promote them ?? My facebook friends don’t even know what to do except facebook !!




Reply to @danielrika: order my gig , i will promote it for you on my facebook page having 10k + fans and instagram id having 200+ fiverr dedicated followers . - See more at: