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Need To Add Gender option and ID card verification system in fiverr


Hello everybody,
I am Jayanto Chowdhury. I used Fiverr many days. Suddenly I see a Mistake in Fiverr. This mistake is Fiverr don’t have any Gender option on their website. I guess it’s essential for identify every Fiverr seller’s account. Because I see somebody uses the Male name but use female photos in his or her profile Or They are male but they use a female name on their account. So, it’s not fair. And I see many people use Multiple accounts in Fiverr Using a different name. They are able to create Multiple accounts because Fiverr doesn’t have any account verification system to verify user identity. So, It’s a violation of Fiverr TOS. If Fiverr Build up a system, If somebody creates new Fiverr account then they must need to verify their identity using their country provided Any ID card (Such as National ID Card, Passport etc). I guess Then it helps to identify every seller profile and They aren’t able to create multiple accounts & fake profile.
This is my opinion If you guess it’s an issue then please decide on my suggestion.


Fiverr was designed so that all users have anonymity - it doesn’t matter what gender, age, colour, nationality etc. users are.

If a user is male but wants to identify as female, that’s fine, and vice versa.

Anybody who wants to break the ToS will find a way to do it, whether they use a photo of a female celebrity, a logo or anything else.

I have no photo identification of any sort, and wouldn’t want to have to get one just to sell on Fiverr. I sell on other online marketplaces without anybody being aware of my gender - why should Fiverr be any different?


In addition to what @offlinehelpers said, Fiverr isn’t a dating site. In most cases, seller’s gender is irrelevant.


ok. But National ID card verification It’s important or not?


Nope - don’t have one! :sunny:


In some countries, it’s not mandatory to have it. I doubt that anyone would want to get one just to be able to sell on Fiverr.


Why should you care about identity or gender if the seller delivers you a good service?



Do you think females use pics of males to lure in buyers?

Or the male population assumes using a hot chick pic will increase sales?

OK, what about the people using pics of monsters, logos, and characters like this?

Scary Stuff


So you think it’s a good idea to have identifiers such as:


Or just gender is the important one?


I think harassment could be an issue in that case. I believe some sellers already do get unwanted attention in that front, just by using a sexy picture (Or alternatively just being sexy), even if they are of the opposing gender.

ID verification I do agree about. Creates lots of trust, to know sellers are who they claim to be. I see tons of identical looking accounts selling duplicate services, so I believe those are the same person.


Gender does come into play in the voiceover category. Can’t have a male voiceover doing a female voiceover, but other than someone wanting or needed a female/male spokesperson, on-camera video I don’t see the point.


I want to like this five times! :heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:




Well, maybe and maybe not. Salespeople on the other end of the phone line when I answer frequently think I am a guy because I have a deeper voice. Maybe I have a future as a male voice over person.


That’s funny. You could offer both options maybe.


Yeah . I Saw many Blog Posts & Youtube Videos about that