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Need To Add Gender option and ID card verification system in fiverr

What about people who are under 18 and are selling on fiverr? How do they expect them to have a drivers license and NID?
Oh yeah and hackers around the world upon hearing this, fiverr might probably, most likely, definitely turn into a gold mine for cyber criminals. Thank you fiverr

Sorry, what’s the point of resurrecting a topic from 2017 just to be rude to someone who haven’t posted since 2017 and is no longer on Fiverr? What do you hope to accomplish, other than be vulgar?


Surprise call to video chat would easily fix this. Hey do you have a moment to talk about climate change?
Well sure but first let’s start with why you have a female pfp? Banned

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@felix2056 Hello, this is a very old thread. The original poster hasnt’ signed in since November 2017. No worries about this matter. Welcome!

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