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Need to be completed in 3 hours

I’m a little bit confused why I keep seeing in buyer requests that they need a service and expect it done in 3 hours or so.

Especially when following up conversation tends to happen multiple hours after the BR was posted.

Is this a trick to catch out new people, that I’m just not realising or something else.

I kind of suspect some of it is due to reselling the work to their client within the 1 day turnaround period.

I imagine it’s a method to trick new people into failing to deliver in time?

(BRs are from programming section)


Well it could be someone in fiverr who is reselling or a buyer who need a delivery within three hours.We can’t tell accurately and if its seems suspicious better to ignore that request. who knows even if you delivered the project within time period that buyer can cancel the order for non authentic reason so it’s better to ignore and work with genuine buyers in fiverr.

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Yes, sometimes Fake buyer posts for just to know how much it costs, and sometime sellers resells in a short period deadline.
But there is actually no way to tell which one is fake. So If you think a job description is good enough and price is ok, then go for it.

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Thanks for thoughts, yeah it’s, I guess an unknown then. After reading forum posts on things like not offering unlimited revisions I suddenly got a bit concerned that it was a trick I didn’t yet know but was obvious to experienced sellers.

You do not want to deal with such Buyer(s), it’s mainly suffering and unacceptable risk for Seller(s), new Seller(s) especially imo.

And yes, there are some weird requests every day and in every category. Luckily, it does not take long to find the warning signals in it. Extreme short lead time is one of them.

Luckily (second time), there are a lot of forum posts with a lot of useful reading about Buyer requests. Searching and reading is general advice.

Good luck!