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Need to block buyer but worried I'll get a bad review

I had another post detailing an order where my buyer claimed the files I sent him weren’t working (I have sent him at least a dozen of the file he said wasn’t working, video proof of the files working and a screenshot of customer service confirming that they work). I declined his cancellation and he is still contacting me almost daily about it, with me clarifying politely the files are working on my end and this is confirmed by CS and the fault must be on his end. His actions indicate he cancelled the order to keep the file (which actually worked - he even stated he could hear my music at one point) but not have to pay for it.

he is now asking for another order and still claiming he cant open the files and that I “only sent screenshots of the files” and not the actual files. I continued to send him video proof of the files I sent him working (which I have done previously multiple times), and a screenshot of CS confirming that they work.
Customer Service, who I contacted for the second time on this order, told me to block the buyer but I’m worried I’ll get a bad review.
I am a new seller so this will be detrimental.
I am not willing to continue work with him but I’m scared blocking him will give me a bad review!!! he has been nagging me daily and angrily requesting files I have sent him multiple times that have been proven to work. Its starting to feel like harrassing me.
Please help.

If customer service asked you to do so, you can do it. Sometimes there are some frauad buyer who act like your current buyer doing. If there is no dependency on order completion block him/her. You always have fiverr resoulation center. Do as the way they said.

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You should never worry about what is out of your control. Do what is right and everything will be fine no matter what happens.

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Don’t block him especially if the order is still open. And you might get a bad review anyway even without blocking him.

As for the situation itself you can ask him to record a video of his screen opening your files so he can prove that he can see only a screenshot and not the audio. But of course don’t tell him that, tell him that you need a recording to try to determine what’s wrong.
Usually scammers will lay off at this point because they wouldn’t be able to prove it and make a video with non existent problem


The order is completed- it has been for about a week . Everytime I ask something like that he brings up a different topic so is obviously avoiding it.
I blocked him like CS recommended as he was becoming quite aggressive. Thanks for your reply.