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Need to cancel an order but buyer doesn't want to


So I made a terrible newbie mistake. I agreed to a custom order of writing 4 books, totaling 180,000 words, for $180. There is just NO way I can write that many words with my son’s daycare closed down due to coronavirus.

I tried to cancel and the buyer wanted me to modify and extend the delivery date but even with an additional 30 days, it still seems unlikely that I can finish such a large undertaking in time.

What should I do?


Try and deliver it, or what you can deliver it. Make it look like you tried and show the buyer that he can still extend the timeline.

Best of luck

The buyer loved what I had written so far, but I just can’t write 180,000 words in 30 days. Do I just keep extending the delivery date until it’s done?

Just be honest and Let him know of the exact time you need to get it done!

Yes do this for now, its very easy for the buyer to do if he accepts your delivery timeline. Next time be careful with the amount of work you are willing to sell


hello @elliej720
you have 2 option according to my knowledge:

  1. explain support center your current situation in details. they will cancel it.
  2. keep extend your time until you finished your work and delivery it.

thank you

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