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Need To Cancel But Not Enough Time

So, a buyer that made an order with me for something I don’t even remotely provide doesn’t know how to cancel an order. I’ve sent a cancellation request but it’ll take 2 days to complete and there are less than 18 hours on the timer.

Time is still ticking down and I have no idea how this is gonna go. Will this affect my delivered on time rate once the time runs out? Will get a 0-star rating if the order is late over 24 hours? Does anyone have any idea how this works?

If you initiated the cancellation then it wont affect delivered on time and won’t give you a negative (or any) review.


Well that’s good news. Thanks @eoinfinnegan! Hope you and your dogs are having a great day man.


Hi, @ssj1236,

I had a similar situation. I contacted CS, and they got back to me within 12 hours, and it did not affect my stats. :slightly_smiling_face:


I did try that a few months back but it didn’t go that well with support. I chalked it up as the support agent having a rough day. Hopefully, the order will cancel on its own without any unpleasant surprises.

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I don’t see why support wouldn’t cancel the order for you :woman_shrugging: They did that many times for me.

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