Need to change my login name asap


i m in a need to change my login name as soon as possible… otherwise i need my account to be deleted and the feedback on the sellers gone.


can you direct it to me pls… i cant find it.


thank you.


Reply to @bachas85: i think this option should be amended and each member allowed only one change of name considering there may be legitimate reasons for any user requiring this service.


Reply to @bachas85: upon changing his username. programming script should automatically change the name in the messaging conversation which would result in a person who would be referring a particular seller have that info on hand. however any seller or buyer requesting a change of username be I formed of the consequences. I can see where Fiverr may have already predicted there would be time consuming reprocussions by allowing username changes and maybe took the decision to disallow this option entirely. Judging from the existence of various problematic users the decision may have just been for the best.


My problem is, I have not even gotten my gig set up. I want to change from HOLYGod3yet1 to servantofHOLYGod3yet1. I just do not like the way it sounds, so I wanted to change that before I really set anything up??? Please?!