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Need to change my review

Hi, I accidentally gave a seller 4stars on communication and I want to correct it. He was amazing and I had to tip him. He was really patient too but I tried hovering over the review and nothing happened

His name is gigblazedesigns
Please help


Once you add a review there is no going back but you can contact Fiverr Cs regarding this matter but I don’t think they will give a another chance to change your review unless it’s a policy violation.

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There have been many forum posts where discussions about review changes have led to sellers getting a warning.

Probably best to leave it and move on.

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thank you for taking an extra step to get the review right. if i was your seller and i worked my ass off for your project and then get a 4* by accident…i would be devastated. I would say contact the staff and solve the issue with them. that is one of the things for which they get 20% of the sellers earnings. do not be afraid you might make it worse unless there have been some weird messages going back and forth with the seller actively asking to give him/her a review which they do not deserve in your eyes. a review has to be an honest reflection of the work which was done and the customer support is there to support the users. i do not think they think otherwise. that is all there is to say about it.

That’s annoying. He was so good. So patient and understanding. I clicked 5stars was surprised when I saw 4stars on communication because he was great with communication to the point where I tipped him. It’s a shame other buyers will see the 4stars if i could have given him 10stars i would have.


a job well done!!! I’m happy very happy with my YouTube banner! 100% recommend him! very pat6and understanding! great communication skills. would definitely work with him again! would give him 10 stars if I could!

Is the above your review?

I agree with you 100%. I have sent customer support an email regarding it. I really hope they change it. As I stated in my review on his page that he was really great with communication. I really hope they sort the issue because his customer service and work is fantastic!

Yeah I have ,I really hope they will be able to help.

What the hell is wrong with me today I just deleted the whole thing trying to read my messages. I think I need to give to bed😫

He did such a good job, was quick to make any changes I asked. You can tell that he
cares about customer satisfaction.

Yes that was my review. Hopefully it will be changed. I’ve also apologised to about the mistake. Again he was also calm and understanding about it. I guess I have no other choice but to wait for a reply from customer support and hope it’s the response I want.

The review is from an account which is similar but different to the account you are using to post on the forum.

Having more than one Fiverr account is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

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I only have one fiverr account. An that’s the one posted the review on. I signed on this forum with my this email as i assumed this is the one I use to sign up my fiverr. But I only have one fiverr account!

Maybe I’m not understanding something here. As I’m not a tech person. I’m a little confused.

Are you saying that by communicating on this forum I’ve automatically signed up for fiverr again?

Look at the reviews for the seller you mentioned. There doesn’t seem to be one written with a username the same as your forum username. There is one that has the first 6 letters the same as yours (the review you said you created), but it’s a different user name to your forum username. So that suggests you have 2 Fiverr accounts (there’s also a Fiverr acount with your forum username).

Sorry I don’t want to be annoying. Lol but I’ve realised you are right. I think by using my other gmail account I have some created another account :tired_face:. I’m trying to fix one problem and seem to have created another!
How do I delete this one?

You can deactivate the account by clicking on your profile icon on the Fiverr site and going to settings then selecting “Deactivate Account”.

You can hire for another order and placing the best.