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Need to Change Notification Bar

Fiverr just update notification bar. This bar looks really good, but the bad thing is I can’t understand that which is new notification and which is old. Please change this and make it easier, like before. I need to understand that which is new notification for me. I am sure everyone needs this feature urgently.

Everyone please agree with me and like my post and comment your opinion, so Fiverr will review this matter.

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Reply to @digilancer99: Yeah that’s right. Fiverr need to change it urgently.

I agree. I’m also getting “new notification” notifications (in the form of that orange dot), but when I click on it, I don’t see anything new lol. I’m forced to mark them all as read, then check every tab on the website in a paranoid state to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Everyone comment please.

yes, It such a bad update. First, it was very friendly.

I liked being able to go into ‘to dos’ and getting up to date with things like buyer feedback. Now I have to search through the ‘messages’ to do this. Not cool!

They changed the name of the To Do list to the Dashboard under your user profile image. Your To Do / Notifications list is under there now.

Under the messages link there are 2 tabs – Notifications & Inbox. These are the usual items we had before, just have to look harder to find them.

What I personally hate, at 47 years old with my eyesight starting to go, is that the “New Message” light is so tiny on my computer screen. It’s not easy to see! That’s an accessibility issue as well, for people who may have serious vision issues. Why go from a nice big noticeable light to this tiny thing — people on enormous screens nowadays, how are they going to spot that out of the corner of their eye?

you are very right, the dot is quite small, i prefer the old notification.