Need to email if seller(mod answer required)


I have an app developer creating an app for me, he has to add push notifications to it and needs access to my google fire base account, obviously I can’t provide him with my google account credentials but I can add him to the firebase project using his email. Would this be an ok situation to ask for it? I’m a seller and I think I could remember asking Fiverr this before an they said it’s ok once it’s on the order page, can’t remember for sure


Mod answers are the same as anyone else’s answers. We may be wrong, CS will not take “but a mod said” as an excuse and you should check anything important like this with CS first.

I think it is ok as long as you do it within the order conversation but I suggest you or the seller check with CS first.


I would suggest to contact customer support to get permission.


Even if I’ve had an answer from CS before, i always ask them again. It’s useful to have specifics for that order.


Ok iv emailed them again thanks


Better create a support ticket instead of email.