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Need to get rid of client ASAP

A client recently showed up on my radar by ordering my gig for illustrated flyers asking for a t-shirt design, even though I have a specific gig for t-shirt designs (obviously because my prices for the flyer gig were cheaper.)

I gave him the benefit of the doubt and actually made said shirt design no questions asked, but when I finished and delivered the image he was extremely RUDE, calling me lazy for not copying the reference he sent exactly and saying that “he should have paid more for a real artist”.

I still kept my cool and did a revision. He still complained and moaned and asked for another revision. I did the second revision EVEN THOUGH THE GIG ONLY INCLUDED ONE.

I delivered the second revision and ge asked for a THIRD revision! When I charged the extra revision fee he complained even more, and did NOT pay for the revision.

Then I asked for the mutual cancellation. He refused.

Then he said that he would accept it as it was but hasn’t done it yet, on a clear attempt to get me to miss the deadline and get late, basically holding my seller ranking hostage.

I NEED this order cancelled! I already lost my level one because of lateness on a previous job and am trying to get back on track! I made a request for the cancellation on the website but after 24 hours I’m still waiting for a response.

If you read this all the way through, sorry about the rant, but I need the user “allcapsmedia” out of my life, if not out of the website!


Just in case: if you delivered your first delivery within a deadline then your revisions wouldn’t affect your ranking even if it shows “late” sign


I didn’t know that, I’m glad I’m not gonna get penalized, thank you!

You can contact CS and ask them to cancel the order for you if you’re absolutely fed up and don’t see other ways to resolve the situation.

Then you block the person and move on with your life.


You’ll need to remove that buyer’s username from your post. Publicly naming and shaming other users isn’t allowed on the forum.