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Need to help for earning customer

Hello big community please i dont know how to go about getting my first fiverr job in need of help.


wait and share with social network …

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These articles may help you .


I´m in the same situation as you mate. This is what i do to get my first customer.

  1. Setting up a proper profile with essential info for customers.
  2. Making a research in my specific niche for different sellers and seeing what they are doing in order to get an idea.
  3. Being active in the buyer request section and sending minimum 5 offers per day.
  4. Being active in Fiverr forum posting useful info and helping people.
  5. Creating different 3/4 gigs related to my niche.
  6. Reading what my niche customers need or want in order to help them.
  7. Sharing in social media my fiver gigs.

You should spend more time with Fiverr and send buyer requests carefully as per the buyer’s requirements with samples. Also, spend time reading different topics in this forum. Hopefully, you will get an order soon. Patience is the main key to success.

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Posting in the forums does nothing to help unless you’re asking relevant questions. The forums are Discourse, and separate from the Fiverr platform.

Also fake.
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Share your gig on social media and active at least 22-24 hours. Best of luck