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Need to hire 15 people to help me test an app

What’s the best way to do this? Can I accept 15 people for one gig, do I have to create 15 gigs?


Mod Note: Moved to a category where sellers are allowed to respond with their gig links.

You could try this:


I am available fill in to test your app. I have a flagship phone LG G5.

I see, but cannot accept 15 offers. I have to post this 15 times?

Thanks, but iOS only.

No, you post 1 ‘Buyer Request’, then all interested sellers can send you an offer and you can reply to as many of them as you want/accept as many offers as you want.
It might be a good idea to click the names of the sellers you find interesting before you contact them, read through their profile, gig descriptions, reviews, to filter out you think are right for the job.

Seller profiles have a ‘Contact Me’ button, and you can talk to them and they can send you a custom offer then.

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Ok perfect, thank you!