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Need to hire 3 Fiverrs to Rant on a video in 24 hours


Hey guys, I know that I can do a request gig, but I need this one delivered within 24 hours, so if you want to make a quick gig order, please let me know.

I have tenants that are inconsiderate. I will only use the audio and not show the video to anyone, but I figure that making a video on a webcam is easier.

You will be recording a really angry but funny script that I will send you.

If you are interested, please let me know and PM me which gig I need to purchase from you and it shall be done.



To the sheriffs: I am not sure if this request breaks the forum TOS, so if it is, please let me know and if you need to move this to another category, please do.


Good luck with your request Bruce, you will get it done quickly. I am sure


Reply to @princemaxx: Thank you my good man!


Oldbittygrandma has a rant video and it’s funny. Not sure of the time details though.


Reply to @crcanny: Thanks, I just ordered her gig too. It’s now @oldRantyGrandma. LOL


You’re all good Bruce :slight_smile: