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Need to improve my gig plz help

need to improve my gig check


I’m a little confused by this statement in your gig description: “Similarly don’t spare a moment to connect with me for more information or models”

What does that mean?

I’m also a bit baffled.

Your gig title, “I will provide high quality cinematic video youtube video ads” does not need that first “video” as it is redundant.

In your gig video, the text says “climatic video.” Did you mean to say “cinematic” like in the title, or “climatic” as in weather-related video?

Your package details seem to have conflicting info, like saying one minute video duration, but then stating 3 minutes video runtime underneath, and also, you included the dreaded “Unlimited Revisions” in your premium package.


You should probably write the description in your native language then translate it through google. because I don’t think you knew what you were writing.