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Need to improve my gig stats

Hi, It’s been a year I have joined Fiverr but couldn’t sell better
Please Help Me to improve my stats, If there are any suggestions mistakes please tell me

Here the gig link


welcome to our community :smiley::smiley:


Use a spell checker, grammarly, Word, something. It’s LUXURY, not Luxrury.


Be active on forum,it helps

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Oh I didn’t notice, I just changed my title today, and you know what I did copied it from another gig. Thanks for correcting me. Kindly suggest mote improvements

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Thank you :slight_smile: need your suggestions on my gig

How it will help? Did you check the links?

You’re welcome.

I can’t suggest additional improvements because I’m not an artist, I’m a writer.

Good luck to you!

I will suggest you stay active every day. 10 offers send every day . Hope you find the best results. good luck:heart_eyes:

i suggest you give response as soon as possible and send offer every day.

Hi there @zainab_merchant, I strongly advise not to copy someone else’s content… Ironically you just made the luxury mistake as…

point it out well… :thinking:

Don’t always rely on everything you copied is actually perfectly written, as you found out yourself. :rofl::joy: I suggest to do your own work and not copying somebodies hard work!!

Regards, Humberto

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I used to be active whole day not in late night,
I don’t see much buyer requests, if i see request, they are not of my work type

Aahh i didn’t copied the whole content, i just copied the title and modified it but my bad :slight_smile: i made mistake!

If you have done a proper your service category of your gig, you can see the work related to your service. All the best:slightly_smiling_face: