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Need to know about Fiverr studio

I don’t understand how can I connect with Fiverr studio. Recently I have seen “studio invite” on/off button available in my Fiverr profile. Also, now it’s on in my profile.

But my question is how can I get invited to work in the fiverr studio?
Or, How can I create my own studio?

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You have to wait until a Fiverr Studio Leader invites you.

You cannot unless Fiverr has made you a Fiverr Studio Leader.


How can I know I am studio leader or not?

If you look at your profile in buying mode, you can see it says that you’re eligible for a studio invite if you leave the option turned on (seems to be on by default, at least it was on when I got it). Then studio leaders who might want you in your team, can contact you to talk and/or invite you if you reach an agreement.

If you have been given the option to create a studio yourself, you’ll see a button for doing that in your profile.