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Need to know about Rating

Hello there, I need to about 5-star rating in my account. Last a mount ago I got a 1.3-star review. But then I got all 5-star review form my completed order. But it now 4.9 it’s not increasing to 5.0. Now please anyone tell me when it will increase to 5.0


Add all your ratings. For eg: 3.5 +4.1 + 2.5 + and so on… and then divide the total by total number of rated orders. You will get the answer. So you have 40 ratings as 5 star and 1 rating as 1.3
200+1.3= 201.3
201.3/41 = 4.90

I did more math for you!! You will need to have at least +500 (5 star reviews ) continuously so as to get a rating of 4.99 which is counted as 5 star by the system.
201.3 (your current position) + 2500 (your target) = 2701.3
2701.3/541 = 4.99

I need some fresh air now!!! :wink:

No, divide by the TOTAL number of rated orders.


Oh! Thanks for your replay

Hi @raselbiswas,

Here, take a look at the link below. Everything you need to know about gaining rating is explained there.


Nice question. Try to get more 5 star. One time you will get 5.