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Need to know about sharing


Hello everyone,
Recently a client communicate with me and ask me my mail addresses to give me the access of her hosting. Is it allowed to share my mail address for this purpose ? Or fiverr will ban me if I give my mail address.
Thank you


You need to ask customer support first. Never give out your email or get it from your buyer without first getting permission if your gig requires that.


If your gig requires that, you can. I also had a project of editing an already created google slide and i shared my mail with the buyer so as to receive access to the slide. Fiverr won’t ban you for that.


I haven’t had any problems with this so far. If I send my email address it gets flagged, but it has been cleared every single time. I don’t bother to hide it either by using [a] or something similar to avoid using @.

Although you can ask from CS if you’re concerned about it.


Many clients ask me the same thing. The thing is you don’t need to, its simple, the buyer created their hosting account using their email address and they can give you those login details.

If anything goes wrong, they can always reset their passwords so no need to take risks. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t recommend that approach to buyers

  • In most cases you don’t need access to client’s cPanel at all. I don’t know about others, but out of 70+ orders I’ve delivered here on Fiverr, only 7-8 clients gave me cPanel access because they didn’t know what they were doing.
  • If you do need it then some hosting companies allow you to create additional accounts with delegated accesses.

However, if that’s not possible then make a backup of your entire site, give access for certain time period and then reset your password. Usually website migration takes 1-2 hours so few hours will be enough.


I agree with this approach for new sellers but sellers with a good track record wouldn’t risk their reputation in any way and of course, if they’ve gotten to this level, they must be ethical in most cases. I usually get CPanel access without any hesitation and it always goes well.


You can provide email addresses etc Only if they are required to help you complete the work. I would strongly advise you to contact CS, explain the situation to them, and take their guidance.


Gig required
Dashboard login access
chanel access
so what should I do now?


In my Gig required
Dashboard login access
chanel access
so what should I do now?


CS told me to describe the purpose in order page. What is order page ?


Max clients don’t want to give their cpanel. U r lucky bro


Nice tricks! Very helpful :slight_smile:


I am not sure what they or you are referring to - best to ask CS I think.


The page of the order, where you will find the requirements. The page that displays when you click the order.