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Need to know buyer name

senior members, please clarify how could we know the buyer’s real name?


If your buyer does not give out their real name, they probably don’t want you to have it, and you should respect that.

It is safest to just call them by their username.


Is it effective way to call them by their usernames?

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Yes. They use usernames for a reason of concealing their real name and providing you an alternative meaning to mention/talk to them.

their usernames are so awkwards sometimes and containing numbers

It is certainly the most polite thing to do if they do not give you their name. And many won’t. I don’t give out my name to sellers/buyers anymore as some have tried to harass me on social media.

Also, read this. It’s helpful to know what not to call your buyer:


Why would you want a buyer’s real name? While addressing them, you can just mention ‘Hi there, Hello there’, that works great.

I only ask a buyer’s real name or any other personal details when filing a patent or trademark application as it is required to be submitted in the application.


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I just say as if i call him/her by the name maybe it would be a pleasant thing for the buyer

Your suggestions noted. thanks

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So what’s the problem? I’ve also had clients with quite ridiculous nicknames, but that fact didn’t stop me from just writing hello as a reference to them and getting very good deals.

noted. thank you very much

Just a simple ‘hello’ works for me. You don’t need to know a buyer’s name.

Sometimes they will offer it when they sign off a message - sometimes they won’t.


** :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:** It would be best to call them users