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Hello All,

Today i will write some points based on my experience. I am now just 2 months old in here.I hope it will help new sellers.

First off all, i will breakdown this article into some points,so it can be more readable to all.

  • Complete your Profile :

First, you need to complete your profile carefully.Don’t miss any point that will describe you to the client.Integrate Facebook, gmail, LinkedIn,stack-overflow to your client, so client can get relevant and real information about you. Also add some awards,certificates you got into your profile.You must need to complete your profile as 100%.

  • Perfect GIG :

Add gigs according to your expertise.If you have 50% expertise on any platform, don’t create gig until you achieve the 100% or full confident on that platform.Also remember, some of the sellers creates gig by depending someone other’s expertise.Don’t do like that, don’t depend on other’s experience.Do according to your expertise. Definitely you can run team on fiverr, but remember, do that later.First, you need to create your own confident on fiverr, then you can run team.

Share your gigs on social media sites.Also bookmark your gig to your personal blog / site.It will increase your chances to reach to mass people.

  • Buyer Request :

This is the main point of this article.There is no other option to get your first job without sending buyer request.You can send 10 buyer request daily.SO, don’t miss this chance.Everyday there are lots of projects comes into buyer request portion.You definitely find projects based on your expertise.

First,read the request carefully.Make sure you did not miss any point and understand what the client needs.Then, write your proposal accordingly.

Many of us writes very small proposal.This is very bad.You must elaborate everything to the client.
We can break down the proposal into several parts :

          * Describe yourself.
          * Tell client about your expertise to the desired platform.
          * Tell him that you understood his needs, and you can work.
          * Finally,ask him if you need more elaboration from him.

Here is an example :

Hello Sir,

I have read your job description and very much interested to work for you.I am working since last 6 years in .NET Platform.I have completed lots of web sites,software in my career journey which are now running and serving my clients.

Here are some of my works:

I think i can surely help you in this project.

Can you please describe more about your task? So far i have understand you need to create a software which can design mobile cases.And you can design cases for all mobile models.Do you need to print the final design from the software? How should i get mobile models?

Please tell me more.Then i will give me my costing and estimated delivery time.

Thanks and regards
John Doe

You will surely get job if your proposal is more attractive than others.

  • Be always active on Fiverr :

This is one of the main point to be successful on fiverr.You need to be always active on fiverr. Make sure that you have downloaded the Fverr app in your mobile.Also be active on your mail.Try to response all the message as quickly as possible .Clients like quick response.Remember, clients always has many options.If you make delay to reply his message, he can hire another seller.So, don’t be to late to reply.If you can’t write too much, just tell him that you will get back to him asap.It is necessary to maintain 100% response rate.

I think this is all.There are lots of more tips on this forum.Go search and prepare yourself for Fiverr. I will share more of my experiences soon.

Happy Coding :slight_smile:

Badhon AshfaQ


Wow this is so great advice will try this out thanks so much


This is very good article. Thanks so much for your sharing


Superb Advice, Thank you Very Much.


Great post . I am also 2 months old and your last point will surely go a long way to help me @ashfaqbadhon


thanks for your suggestions.


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