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Need to know the FIverr work delivery and payment method

Hi, i get a order 29th but i saw it 1st oct. then immediately i replied to the buyer that i am sorry for the late and within next few hours i will submit the work… Buyer also replied me okay and updated the order. Then i submit my work within next 2 hours. Till then almost 3 days over, but the buyer did not reply me anything. Even the order is not cancelled! When i click dashboard, it showing sales queue - 1 but earning still no amount. I can’t understand what’s happening here? pls anybody out threre, if you read this then pls explain me clearly.

Did you deliver by using the actual green deliver button? It’s easy to mistakenly deliver via message instead of delivery. Has the clock stopped?

If you did deliver and the clock is stopped, the buyer has about 3 days to either click complete or click the modification button to ask for a change. If they do neither, it will complete automatically in about 3 days. Your funds will clear about 14 days after that.

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Double check that you have delivered everything properly and then wait… if the problem is still around in several days time, contact Customer Support.

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Dear… You will see Order marked as completed soon.

Dont worry. Sometime buyer did not comment on order…

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okay, thank you so much kpastrologer! :slight_smile:

I delivered my job with complete. but I had bit knowledge about payment method. So Thank a lot.:heart_eyes:. . this answer is worth me too…:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: