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Need to know what actually fiverr asked me for modification

Hello there I am regular seller on fiverr and I am very pleased to work here as a seller. My problem is Yesterday fiverr asked for modification one of my best selling gig. I have modified the gig and send it for approval but again fiverr ask me for modification. But now I am really scared about this modification because in previous fiverr remove one of my best selling gig after that I have create this gig and again i am facing the same problem. Fiverr ask for three section modification.

  1. Misleading / Incoherent / Bad Grammar in Title

My tittle is:- do massive spotify promotion to real music lover

Now In my tittle I don’t understand where I wrote the Misleading or Incoherent or Bad grammar tittle. So Can you Please tell me where is the actual problem in my tittle.

  1. Misleading/unclear description

My description is:-

Hi, Are you looking to promote your spotify music to REAL AUDIENCE?
YES :slight_smile: You have come to right place.

How & where we do promotion:

We will Share and promote your Spotify track or album on lot’s of music blog and music related platform like :-
Also share on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and different types of social media.
Create paid campaign ( if campaign run slow )

We also optimize and create backlink for rank up your track or album top on search engine and get more traffic, listeners, engagement
Our Features:-
Use Real & organic Method
Get real reaction from audience
24/7 responsive customer service
If you won’t get satisfied by using our service, we will give you a full refund.

So order now and enjoy the best spotify service ever

On my gig description I am clearly define How and Where I do the promotion but fiverr did not accept it.So please tell where I have wrote the misleading or unclear description.

  1. Misleading/Unclear Packages

My packages is :-

BASIC PACK:- I will promote your spotify track to 3000-5000 potential listener
STANDARD PACK:- I will promote your spotify track to 6000-10000 potential listener
PREMIUM PACK:- I will promote your spotify track to 12000-15000 potential listener

This is my all 3 pack description and here I also don’t understand what should I change.

So I badly request to you that please tell me specifically where and what should I change on my gig. I run my all study and living expense from here. I don’t want to lost my gig again. So please please solve my issue kindly asap.

Best Regards

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“I will make a massive Spotify promotion for a real music lover”

As for the legitimacy of the gig itself I hope someone else will be able to help you better