Need to know why my one gig not getting sales


Hi everyone,

why my this gig not getting good sales.


this is my one of best gig in start i was getting sales and then i did some modification in description then no sales. let me know reason what changes i will make in it to increase sales. because I am 100% positive rating seller and have great feedback too.

It is not promotion its just looking for suggestion .

Thank You in advance.




Waiting for answer guys…


There really isn’t an answer.

If you like you can try reading this topic for some tips on how to get sales.


I think you should marketing your gig. best of luck.


@bigbadbilly i will read it , @ratna2013 i did marketing. still no sales.


Fiverr is FUCKING competitive. Sorry for my language, but it’s true. :slight_smile:

There are millions of people all around the world using this site on a daily basis, trying to make some money. It can be hard.

I like your gig. I like your picture, and I like your product. You could sell it a bit more in your sales page though. Maybe go through the 4 stages of selling: create a need, relate with the customer, sell your product, call to action. I can see in your gig you’ve gone straight to stage 3. That may be something to work on. You don’t really make me WANT your gig. Know what I’m saying?



I understand … i will try to make it more amazing… I tried my best… in start i get some sells faster but after first modification it goes down down and down.