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Need to purchase materials for a gig

Hi! I bid on a job that will require me to go out and buy some things in order to deliver the finished product. The buyer is willing to cover those costs. Is is permitted to have JUST THOSE COSTS sent through PayPal so I can get the full amount needed to buy the materials? The payment for the service itself (handwriting addresses on envelopes) would go through Fiverr so the 20% can be taken out. Trying to err on the side of caution here.


Anything through PayPal is against theToS. Why not offer your buyer a gig extra via Fiverr to cover the costs? :sunny:

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My concern is that the materials will be about $625. If I use a gig extra, I would either have to cover 20% of that myself or ask for them to pay more for the materials than they actually cost. Plus, I wouldn’t get that money for two weeks when I need to buy the materials and deliver before then.

I’ve looked at your gigs, and can’t see any which would incur such huge costs.

It’s a large amount of money to lose regardless of whether it’s PayPal (which it can’t be) or Fiverr, or indeed a PayPal chargeback via Fiverr.

I don’t know the details, but if I were you, I’d be having second thoughts - it all sounds a bit suspicious I’m afraid.


The only thing that comes to mind is run faster :running_woman: than Usain Bolt. This sounds hokey pokey to me. It sounds too risky! Why not send CS a note about this request, see what they think. :butterfly:


There are so many potential hiccups about this.
Lets say that the buyer paid you through Paypal and you did all of that. Would you then be posting the envelopes directly to third parties? That alone would make me say no to it - posting things to people you don’t know, from people you dont know :open_mouth:

Now, say all that was actually legit and you completed it. If the buyer does a Paypal Chargeback, what proof do you have that the job was completed? In the absence of proof of completion, Paypal will refund the buyer.
I would stay away from his one. It just seems an extremely odd request.


@offlinehelpers - I’m starting to have second thoughts for sure. It sort of falls under my “miscellaneous” or “other” writing gig - I would be PHYSICALLY writing out addresses (1000 of them) instead of typing something up. I was considering seeing if the buyer would buy the materials and have them sent to a PO box for me to pick up instead, but I hadn’t considered the posting issue given below.

@nikavoice - I opened a customer service request/ticket and am waiting to see what they say. I may decide not to take it anyway.

@eoinfinnegan - I was curious about that - because I feel like I would have to post it from my address to send it from my town, wouldn’t I? And I wouldn’t want to be giving that out to literally 1,000 people. And that is valid, I hadn’t considered the PayPal chargeback. I actually don’t think I knew that was a thing. It’s definitely an odd request. I guess I jumped at the money.


Like @nikavoice said - run a mile, as quickly as you can!

Good luck!


I would suggest that you be careful with large sums; unscrupulous people do tend to target newer sellers for things like this whereas if I was talking about spending that kind of money, it would be with a highly rated seller that I have worked with repeatedly for months.

I genuinely believe you are dodging a bullet with this one.


Usain bolt is not the fastest man anymore, you will have to run faster than bolt himself. This sounds more like some one is trying to play a fast one on you.

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This actually made me giggle, too funny. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This guy is pretty darn fast, too. :wink:

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:rofl: No doubt about that!

I wouldn’t do it honestly. Sounds like a scam to me!

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So I’m in the same boat, I design electronics prototypes which often require purchasing expensive components that need to be paid for. I then send these out to the client for their review. So either I take the 20% hit or I charge them the extra amount. I also need a method of gaining the contact details of the client for delivery which is also partly against the ToCs. It seems this market place is only geared up for digital transactions. There is then potential for my prototype to escalated to full production which I would then take out of Fiverr.

That’s actually the case. I don’t think you can do any type of service that involves physical transactions here. But I am sure there are platforms for that out there.