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Need to Rant or Vent? Take a Quick Breath and Read 1st so Your Post Stays Up


We see a lot of rants on the forum and it’s totally understandable. It’s part of what the forum is for and there is nothing wrong with needing to share your frustration. The problem is, so many posts get removed because people do something that violates the existing rules. They get angry when the post is removed and they accuse the users, moderators or staff of not wanting the “truth” on the forum. The real truth is, many of us probably want to know why you are upset whether we agree or disagree with you. Ideally, read this before you have a need to rant, but if it’s too late, try to take a breath and avoid things that might get your post removed.

There are reasons a rant or other post can get removed quickly:

  • Putting another person’s username in your post (If you are complaining about someone or don’t have their permission to post their username, don’t include it.)
  • Using inappropriate language (It’s hard to guess at which words might be flagged by the community, so avoid the obvious swear words and preferably, just avoid unprofessional language. Substitutes often get flagged too, so if you write “Jimmyjoe is a fudger” that still might get removed.
  • Posting in the wrong category. Rants go in the Ranting Pot.
  • Posting off-Fiverr links, social media, off-Fiverr contact info
  • Linking to images instead of using forum upload for images
  • Posting images that have content that would violate the rules (like the ones above)
  • Calling names - don’t call a buyer an idiot, don’t call a seller a scammer, don’t call a Support agent a fool and don’t call staff con-artists. We DO understand how you feel. Sometimes it might be true. It still doesn’t belong on the forum.
  • Using regional references. Don’t mention where someone is from. If the Support agent had a Martian accent or the seller was from Pluto, you can complain about it in a ticket, but not on the forum.
  • Criticizing people instead of ideas. If you disagree with someone, have a healthy debate about the disagreements, not about what you think of the other user as a person.
  • Keep it clean. Don’t post anything obscene or sexually explicit.
  • Be civil. Don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hate speech.
  • Don’t harass or grief anyone, impersonate people, or expose their private information.
  • Don’t try to tell others that they should not or cannot respond in your thread. The forum is open.
  • Don’t post on the same topic in multiple threads.
  • Don’t put your rant inside another user’s thread. Make your own rant in the Ranting Pot.

TL;DR (Short Version)
No usernames, no mention of countries, race, ethnicity
No name calling
No swearing, no obscenity, no adult content, no hate speech, no harassment, no abuse, no flirty or sexuaI harassment
Stay on topic, keep your topic in your thread
Off-Fiverr links may be removed
Images that break the rules may be removed
No contact info for yourself or others, no addresses, no phone, no social media usernames or links

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Can we somehow make this mandatory for new users to read this before they’re allowed to comment or create new threads?


Thank you for sharing…!! :slight_smile:


Would be nice. :smiley: I’m just hoping more people can keep their threads on the forum and not think we delete everything that is a rant. There are plenty of rants that have been up for ages but they didn’t do the things on that list. Worth a try!


thank you so much, very helpful post.


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