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Need to redeem my low rating

I didnt do so well with my first customer last year and havent sold in 6 months mostly due to inactivity. I have a 73% (3.5) rating as of yet and need 90% to post offers in he buyer request section. Ive improved in skill 10 fold since then and I can deliver now without question. but this low rating may be a road block for me. How can I garner at least one customer to redeem my rating?

Cancel your account and start a new one.

You have to share your gigs to the right people and lots.

These groups can be on facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr

I clicked on your name and got “This page is no longer available.” Canceling your account is a good idea.

Either way, you need to understand the following.

  1. Never be late, nothing lowers your rating faster than a forced cancellation.

  2. When the SHTF, Refund > Review. Even if a refund can lower your rating in theory, at least your future customers won’t see that you got 2-3 stars, 4 stars is OK if they don’t write something nasty.

  3. When you deliver your order, have a P.S. like this.
    P.S. If you don’t like my work, scroll up, click “resolution center,” and start the refund process.

  4. If you get a bad review, message your client, copy and paste that P.S. and ask your buyer if he can remove the bad review. If your buyer wants to do it but doesn’t know how, customer service can help. But please avoid customer service unless your buyer can’t figure things out. Trying to teach him/her is better.

  5. Only do things you can do very well.

Good luck.