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Need to review gone

On the new dashboard, the list of orders that I need to review after a buyer accepts and reviews is no longer there. So I often no longer get to review buyers because I don’t see them in my to do list.

These used to always be there. Now I see at the bottom orders I have delivered but the buyer hasn’t responded. Once they accept and review they disappear, leaving me unaware that I haven’t reviewed yet.


Yes it is gone in new dashboard i am very unpleasant with a new dashboard,
It i has also disable to-Do list when i create it for my client,

But you can still look it top of “Message” drop-down list there are reside both Message and Notification,

I just noticed my to-do list is gone. I need that as it has so many bigger projects in there. I use it to find the conversations when the materials arrive via UPS.