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Need to share my happiness

I just reached my level one status, I ve been working hard the last 2 weeks to promote my gigs, I made a FB fan page (over 1000 likes now) and interacted with the community, looks like this pays of. My profits are still small considering the work and time I spend doeing this but I do enjoy my work and this is the most important thing to me, and I realy enjoy having happy customers at the end.

I also wish al other sellers on Fiverr to share in the succes!


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Congratulations! That’s so exciting; it’s hard work, you should be very proud!

Reply to @kevinpeters: Unfortunatly I did not had more sales since I reached my new level, but never give up I guess, I like working here at fiverr and tweaking my gigs, just a little more customers would be nice.

Hmm.Nice one and congratulation.Am almost there.Just 2 sales left for me to get to level.Did your sales increase while on level 1?

Hey, are you still doing your day work or just Fiverr now? do you have enough time for this?

Reply to @nguyenhce: Hi,

I am currently searching for an other more intersting job then my previous one…

So now that I have some time I try to share my knowledge here on Fiverr and I really enjoy it. So if I can actually make a living out of Fiverr I might just continue working here at Fiverr, otherwise I will just restart with a normal 9 to 5 desk job…

I joined Fiverr about 3 months ago, but I did not had enough time back then. I only started adding more gigs and did some marketing the last 14 days, and this pays off, but you need some time to do this.

Just posting gigs here on Fiverr and waiting for customers does not work for me unless you are happy with 4 sales in 2 months. I reached my level one around 2 weeks after I started adding more gigs and did alot of Social Media marketing and this pays of, but it can still be better though.

Hope I did help you!

Beste regards,