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Need to Understand Process

Hi there,
I am a buyer, and recently contracted with a seller to write “500 word article in 24 hours”. That was on May 13. Today is May 21.
I gave clear instructions, 2 keywords, and 2 links that are the entire research he’d need to complete it.

The article is (finally) complete. It is beautiful. One of the best written articles I’ve ever seen - but it’s wrong. The topic was different (like if I said write about pet dogs, and you wrote about baby wolves) the keywords aren’t there, and I guess the 2 links weren’t looked at.

I hate leaving negative feedback, but I also don’t like paying for something I didn’t get. He has offered to revise. It doesn’t need revision - it needs redone.

Please explain to me what happens in the resolution center, what happens if I click the red button to not accept the work, and how it affects a seller.

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You definitely should press the revision button.
I would find it quite frustrating if I would’ve ordered apples but received oranges.

Just in case: run that article on anti plagiarism, I find it really weird why someone will write something different from the requirements.

Try to explain your point and that it needs to be redone because seller didn’t follow your original requirements and maybe try to ask him if everything is clear for him/her or if they need more guidance with the direction.


The way you describe it, it sounds like the seller copied it from some website with awesome articles. Have you tried typing the first two sentences into Google, and checking whether it’s already published somewhere? If it is, the best thing to do would be to contact Fiverr Customer Support and report this seller to them. Don’t worry, if it’s the first time the seller did something like that, nothing terrible will happen to him, he’ll just get a warning (and hopefully realize that he shouldn’t try to sell stolen content).


Most probably. I don’t think that a genuine seller will never write off topic content., if he/she’s the one who wrote it cause that he/she knows the buyer will definitely reject it. Even if the seller had misunderstand about what the buyer is asked to do, they will clarify things with the buyer before proceeding to work cause they know the effort and time will useless.

As it described by the OP, most likely the content is stolen from somewhere.

This is really cool if OP can do.

I don’t know how to quote someone but - catwriter got it exactly right. I ran it through a plagiarism tool and it passed, but I copy/pasted some of the content and that brought up an article on Google. I did write to CS about it, have not heard back of course.

THANK YOU all for your replies.


The text was in Unicode format, and characters from other alphabets were used. It looks pretty normal (maybe sometimes a little weird, but nothing too bad), but, with the characters that just look like the usual alphabet, the plagiarism tool doesn’t detect that the text was plagiarized. It’s a known scam, that’s why I suggested trying Google. :slight_smile:

Sometimes they respond in few hours, but it can take them 24-48 hours. If you don’t hear from them in a few days, politely ask for an update (just do it within the same ticket you’ve already submitted, don’t open a new one, because submitting multiple tickets on the same topic slows the whole process down).

EDIT: I hope you did click the red button to not accept the work. After the seller delivers, you have 3 days to ask for revisions, and if you do nothing instead, the order will get automatically marked as complete.


Hi, I did click the red button. I saw that it could automatically close and I didn’t want that to happen.

Thanks for explaining!

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Sometimes, this text in Word will appear with almost every word underlined in red.


That’s right, and then you look through the text, and everything seems spelled correctly, and you check if the language is set to English and not, say, Hungarian, and it’s set to English, and you wonder if it’s yet another Word glitch. :slight_smile:

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So, do they just throw a few characters in there or do they use a tool to convert the whole thing? And, wouldn’t Google only be useful if other copies of the article had been published the same way?

It makes sense but I’ve just never heard of this being done.

Kindly Give him/her a chance for revision :slight_smile:

Did you read the thread?

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I don’t know, and even if I did, I wouldn’t want to give every scammer who haven’t learned how to do it instructions.

Then you haven’t spent much time on the forum, it’s a known scam.

I said to type the two sentences in Google search. It will show then.

This is an obvious scam, not a mistake that can be fixed by a revision. Why would anyone want to keep working with someone dishonest?


That’s the bit I missed.