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Need tool for keeping track of videos and photos - probably a database

So I don’t exactly know what I need. Maybe it’s software that’s already out there. Maybe it’s a filemaker setup. Maybe it’s just a basic database running locally on a simple MySQL server with a bit of PHP coding. I’m not sure, but here’s all I need to keep track of:

We shoot a video (or photoshoot) and it needs a name, where the original file is located (the hard drive should be relational because if we replace a drive that data should get updated), custom tags we create for searching, a description (again for searchability), location of thumbnail version locally (clickable link to drive location), and that’s about it.

It might only need to be an access database. I’d be open to filemaker, but that is Pricey. Seriously, Way too expensive for such a basic database.

Once it’s set up, I can probably figure out how to add/edit, etc. I just want someone to set up something that works…and speedy. I don’t have time to F around with figuring out what would work.

So if you know what works already, I’m happy to try and get our group to pay for it (that’s right, I have no budget myself. But I ask for money all the time and always get it if I feel the price is a good value).

Or if you already know of some software that is just perfect for it. I looked at data crow, but it crashed while I was trying it (never a good sign) and it didn’t let me remove the plethora of extra fields. I’ll end up with like 10-20 fields for each entry. That’s it.

What you’re asking for can easily be done in Filemaker. In regards to the price, you would just need a single license for one machine (local hosting), and you can always locally share the database with other machines or devices on the same network while using only one license. From my experience, Filemaker starts getting expensive if you go for your own filmmaker server for which you need to purchase a minimum of 5 licenses which I do agree with you is expensive. Additionally, the cost and time you’ll be spending in developing a DB in Filemaker is way less than what you’d be spending if you were to go with a language like PHP or Angular. So the cost you’d be spending on these tech stacks well covers the license and development cost for FM. Let me know if you need some more help. Happy to jump on a call and discuss this in detail. We’ve been building filmmaker solutions for more than 10 years now. Thanks, looking forward :slight_smile: