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Need TOS related suggestion

Hi everyone,
Hope you all are good and safe!
I need a help from you guys. I have completed my first order a couple of days ago and my job required the buyer to share her mobile number and Facebook page. I had to include them to the forum I designed for her. Now, I got another order from the same buyer to publish those forums to different websites and to do that I have to use email id to sign up.
Now, my question is, is that going to be a problem for my account? Because of mobile no, Facebook page, and email?
Please help me with the problem. Thanks!

This information is required as part of your order, so as long as it’s shared on the order page, you should be ok.

You should probably ask CS for permission first, tho …


Thanks a lot brother.

I’m not your brother

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Sure. Thanks anyway for the help!