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Need Unity 3D Low Poly World for Running


I’m looking for someone talented enough to create a Unity 3D low poly (for iOS/Android) island similar to Wuhu Island in Wii Sports with 2-3 running paths.

Each path should be 5km in the world (so a single path ‘run-through’ would take about 30 min).

This is a concept for a potential larger scale project.
Paths would include running on dirt trails, under trees, through covered bridges over streams, regular bridges, along the beach, around a hill, etc… it’s all really up to your imagination. I can also supply low-poly assets that you may need/want from the Unity asset store for this project.

This project is for the environment only. No need for detailed coding (unless you want to have some birds or bees flying around, better water, or a balloon passing overhead).

If you’re interested, please let me know your ideas, cost, and show me some of your talent.