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Need Update for Fiverr Messenger

Hope you all are well and enjoying all the Fiverr!

Today I want to share with you one of the important things about Fiverr Messenger. Those of you who are using Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Messenger must have noticed that there is a message reply feature. As a result, the user can reply to each message separately as needed for the message. Those of us who work in Fiverr will notice a little while chatting with Buyer in Fiverr Messenger that we often message together. In many cases, I feel the need to reply some messages separately.

In my opinion, if Fiverr connects this reply button feature to their messenger, then both Buyer and sellers will be more comfortable talking to Messenger.

If you, like me, understand the issue, vote for it.

  • Yes, I want reply button in Fiverr messenger
  • No, I don’t want it

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Reply button is really important to minimize confusion between buyers and seller.


Yes. I also think it. Thanks to share your opinion.