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Need urgent help please


I have completed a video animation work. But I am unable to send it as file size is too large… I tried compression but compressed file got a black background as my work is transparent video file. I have tried. Zip format but it shows error. Please help me to deliver the work I am already late


Use Drop box. Customer Support has often recommended Drop Box and condoned DP links send to buyers. You might want to send the link to the buyer in an .rtf or .pdf attachment in a zip file as delivery. (Plain text file attachments are so small the system sometimes rejects them as deliveries.) As long as you don’t send along email addresses, contact info, etc then using cloud space for a large delivery file shouldn’t be a problem.


UPLOAD it to your google drive and link it to client…


Since I had to ask Customer Support just yesterday, I can quote from the reply I got (no guarantees obviously, it´s just what I´ve been told:

“Also, you can use a third-party file sharing service (such as or, to upload the file, and then send your seller the download link. We ask that you not use a file-sharing service that requires an exchange of email addresses or other personal contact details.”

Note btw that I expressly had asked about dropbox and drive, since those are the ones sellers suggest on the forum, and that I´d mentioned I´d prefer drive, as I don´t use dropbox myself and am used to drive, and that they didn´t say anything about drive. But then it might just be because it´s not in the canned response and it might be in the ‘such as’. Still they didn´t expressly name it along with the others even though I´d expressly asked about it.


May be Drop Box or Google Drive is a best option and In Delivery box must be mention this link for a file download purpose only.


Fiverr accepts maximum one minute video. I think one-minute video size is not big.


Dropbox and Google Drive.


its also happened with me when i send video it not send


Use any one from Dropbox and Google Drive. It’s too easy for uploading large files.



Thanks for your help I sent using drive. But I got a problem.I need to send a transparent video but I get converts with a black background video during transmission. Any idea how to solve this