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Need urgent help regarding order

Community, I need an urgent help. A buyer dropped me an order asking to do forms work by modifying his code. Now after validating everything he starts new requirments which are even out of the scope of computer science as the language itself doesn’t permits that. Now he is telling me to cancel the order. My question is does fiverr support look for proofs before cancelling automatic order. thanks i need to know it urgently.


Nobody here can guarantee that, but why not try it, tell them precisely what happened and attach your proof as screenshots; Fiverr won´t get their fee from your order either if they cancel, so if they think you might have a point, they might look into it and support you. :four_leaf_clover:


Some customers do that, sharing extra information after the order has been placed. But if the customer cancels the order from only one side, you will definitely suffer and the support doesn’t look for proofs before cancelling it since it happens right away. The only thing you can do in that case would be to ask the support to remove the 1-star review when the order was cancelled.

I have delivered the order. Still they can do that?

Once the order has been delivered, it cannot be cancelled from one side, only mutual cancellation works after that. However, they can leave a bad review.

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Yes, if the buyer contacts support, they might cancel the order.

Thank you all for your help

If the buyer will go to the CS then 100% the order will be cancelled and fiverr team will not even ask you before cancelling the order because this is the policy of fiverr to put buyer at first place so you must cancel the order and explain the reason of cancellation and describe the fault of the buyer otherwise the buyer can give you negative review or if the order will be cancelled by the CS then it will surely effect your profile badly .

If the buyer goes to customer support they will surely cancel the order. I will advise you talk thing amicably with the buyer.

Thank u the buyer understood it. Please guide me in one more area what are
effects on profile when customer service cancels your order?. I mean is it
shown in form of rating or what.

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If a cancellation has been done through cs then it means its not a mutual cancellation.This will definitely affect your analytics.
But i feel you cant do anything in this issue, try to keep alert next time

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Thank you for helping.

The perfect solution!

Thank you all for the solution

great advice…i think its really can fiverr