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Need urgent help regarding withdrawal

I’m trying to click on options available for withdrawal but every time, following message shown.

Please, let me know how to solve it if any one of you have faced the same problems.

Suggest you contact Customer Support.

Here is the link:


Ok thank you…

:heart_eyes::hugs:The most interesting part of the Freelancing is to get paid without any hassle. Fiverr provide the below option to withdraw fund from Fiverr account.

  • Paypal
  • Fiverr Revenue card
  • Bank transfer
  • Direct Deposit(Only for US citizen)

As a non-US seller, you are not eligible for direct deposit. So, you’re limited with the first 3 options listed above.

I personally don’t recommend to withdraw money from Fiverr using Paypal because of the very low conversion rate from USD to local currency.

So, let’s see the remaining two options

  1. Fiverr Revenue Card
  2. Bank transfer in detail.

How to withdraw money from Fiverr using Payoneer?

I highly recommend Payoneer to withdraw your earnings from Fiverr because of the high conversion rate and negligible to zero transaction fees.

Pre- Requisite

  • Fiverr account
  • Payoneer account

Step 1

Login to Fiverr and click on the “Switch to selling” option in the homepage. Also, ensure that you have successfully created a Payoneer account before following the below steps.

Step 2

You can see the below three options in the Earnings tab.

  1. Paypal
  2. Fiverr Revenue Card(Not applicable for India but you can use Bank transfer option instead)
  3. Bank transfer

Step 3

Click on the " Bank transfer " option. You’ll be prompted to enter the verification received to your registered mobile number. Enter the 4 digit verification code and click on “Submit code” button.

Step 4

After successfully submitted the code, you’ll receive an email from Fiverr to link your Payoneer account. Click on the link " click here " as shown below

Then you need to link your Payoneer with Fiverr account.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any doubts.


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Thank you for such care. My problem has been solved by fiverr after contacting fiverr-support services.:slightly_smiling_face:


Always Welcome, and Good t here that :hugs:

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